New York State Defensive Driver courses given at YOUR facility! You provide the classroom, snacks, soda, etc. WE provide the instructors and teach the course! This course is open only to NYS licensed drivers! Call Charlie for more information.(631)236
  GET PAID $360.00 TO TAKE THIS 6 HOUR COURSE!!----------Did I get your attention?????---READ ON-------Save 10% off your NYS insurance rates for the next 3 years! (if you currently pay $1,200.00 per year, that is $120.00 off PER YEAR for the next 3 years---or $360.00 total savings!) This course ALSO reduces the points accumulated on your record of convictions by 4 points (for certain calculations regarding insurance rates, violations, etc...!!!) We will come to your facility to give the course and give you the best possible rates. The base rate is $300.00 (minimum on-site charge)for up to 6 persons. Per-person costs decrease with larger classes! A special addition to the course may be requested for 'heavy vehicles' and 'emergency vehicle operations' to suit YOUR company's special needs. There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for this special add-on! This course is for NY State licensed drivers only! Please allow at least SIX FULL HOURS for this course as breaks and lunch are excluded from the lecture time. This course can be given in one or two parts. This course may be given at ANY time during the day or night to suit your company's shift schedules! We can even give the course during night hours or graveyard shifts if your company desires it! Additional students may attend class at the agreed on per person fee without reservations. PLEASE CALL US-----We will exceed your company's expectations! SPONSOR: NEW YORK SAFETY PROGRAM --- DELIVERY AGENCY:#18/222---PLEASE CALL CHARLIE FOR MORE INFORMATION: 631-236-7397 OR e-mail through this website.